The library includes a standalone command system.

The main intention here is to provide one singular setup for creating commands instead of having to create multiple commands, for multiple frameworks.

Commands are currently server side only.


utils.commands.register = register_command


The following can be used to register a new command on the server.

utils.commands.register(command_name, { permission_ranks }, command_note, { chat_suggestions }, function(source, args, raw) ... end)

Permission ranks can be anything you like. Just ensure that whatever ranks you are using to restrict the command are given to users within the utils user_accounts database table. Use nil to allow all users access to the command.


 utils.commands.register('test_command', { 'test_rank', 'test_rank2' }, 'Just a test command.', {{ name = 'Test suggestion', help = 'Just a test suggestion' }}, function(source, args, raw) ... end)

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