Character Creation

Included in the utility library is a selections of functions which can be used for creating character creation scripts, clothing stores, multi characters etc.

These functions are available client side only.


utils.character_creation.get_clothing_and_prop_values = get_clothing_and_prop_values
utils.character_creation.set_ped_appearance = set_ped_appearance
utils.character_creation.update_ped_data = update_ped_data
utils.character_creation.change_player_ped = change_player_ped
utils.character_creation.rotate_ped = rotate_ped
utils.character_creation.load_character_model = load_character_model


The following is used to retrieve the max values for clothing and props based on the players current ped model.

This is handled through the included shared data file default_ped_styles.

local sex = 'male' -- or 'female'
local values = utils.character_creation.get_clothing_and_prop_values(sex)

if values then


The following can be used to set the peds appearance to the clothing values stored in the utils shared styles.

This one functions handles everything from clothing to tattoos.



The following can be used to update specific ped appearence data.

utils.character_creation.update_ped_data('male', 'genetics', 'heritage', {mother = 5, father = 10})


The following can be used to change the players ped between the two mp freemode peds.



The following can be used to rotate the player ped by 45 degrees in either direction, a full 180, or reset back to original.

This is useful for camera controls whilst creating characters

utils.character_creation.rotate_ped('rotate_ped_right')  -- Rotates the ped 45 degrees to the right
utils.character_creation.rotate_ped('rotate_ped_left')   -- Rotates the ped 45 degrees to the left
utils.character_creation.rotate_ped('rotate_ped_180')    -- Rotates the ped 180 degrees
utils.character_creation.rotate_ped('rotate_ped_reset')  -- Resets the ped to its original heading


The following can be used to load in the character model with the appearence settings within the shared data section.


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