Introducing boii_ui a comprehensive UI suite designed to provide a single location for all of the commonly used UI elements within a FiveM server.

All UI elements can be customised entirely by players through the UI tablet. Available by default in a variety of languages.



  • Notifications: Visual alerts with customizable styles for informing players of in-game events, warnings, and confirmations.

  • Progress Bar: A sleek simple progress bar to visually represent the completion of actions or tasks.

  • Context Menu: An extensive and detailed menu system for deeper interaction with the game environment and objects.

  • Draw Text UI: On-screen text display for instructions, descriptions, or narrative storytelling.

  • Dialogue System: An immersive system for engaging player-to-NPC or player-to-player conversations.

  • Action Menu: Action menu built to replace the need for radial menus.


  • None script is entirely standalone



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