Welcome to our exciting collection of minigames designed to test your wits, reflexes, and problem-solving skills! From anagrams to safe-cracking, each minigame offers a unique challenge. Join us as we explore each game and push your abilities to the limit!


  • Anagram: Unscramble letters to form words in a race against the clock!

  • Button Mash: Tap furiously to achieve the highest score possible.

  • Chip Hack: Use a guiding light to uncover hidden chips in the dark.

  • Hangman: Guess the word before your chances run out.

  • Key Drop: Match falling keys with precise timing to win.

  • Pin Code: Deduce the correct pin with logic and intuition.

  • Safe Crack: Feel the tension as you rotate the dial to unlock secrets.

  • Skill Bar: A test of timing and precision within a moving zone.

  • Skill Circle: A circular twist on the skill bar with a focus on accuracy.

  • Wire Cut: Make the right choice to cut wires under pressure.


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