Download the utility library from one of our platforms:


  • Set your framework choice under config.framework.

  • Set your UI choices under config.ui to boii_ui.

Any other changes to the configs you wish to make can also be made.


  • Add the boii_utils resource into your server resources.

  • Add ensure boii_utils into your server.cfg making sure it is placed before any resource using it as a dependency.


If you are using the optional dependency boii_statuses you must ensure this is setup correctly.

For detailed setup instructions please read the documentation for this resource here: boii_statuses

Script Installation

Script Customisation:

  • Customise client/config.lua & server/config.lua

Script Installation:

  • Drag and drop boii_statuses into your server resources

  • Add ensure boii_statuses into your server.cfg ensuring it is placed after boii_utils

ensure boii_utils
ensure boii_statuses # if using
ensure boii_items

Restart Server:

  • Once you have completed the steps above you are ready to restart your server and the resource should be running correctly.

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