FiveM Server

This core resource is intended to serve as the functional core to a framework build. This is not intended to be integrated in with another existing framework.

The current best way to start this off is to setup a basic txAdmin CFX Default server and then import the boii resources required to create the framework.

Once you have setup a server choose the CFX Default template and a base server with nothing else will be created.


The core resource itself only really handles the important stuff, the rest is handled through standalone BOII resources, the goal here is to have everything be as adaptable as possible. To achieve this the core heavily relies on boii_utils which allows any additional resources created for this project to also work on other frameworks directly out of the box. The framework currently uses the following resource stack in order to function correctly, all of the resources listed here should be installed and ensured before the core resource.

Dependency Setup

As mentioned above the core only deals with player management and creation mainly, everything else is supported through standalone BOII resources. Each of the resources must be installed and setup correctly for the core to do its job.


For anything database related the framework is using oxmysql, ensure you have installed this to your server before any boii framework resources.


Download the latest release of oxmysql from the overextended github.


  • Add oxmysql to your server resources.

  • Modify the database section of the included server.cfg file to match your database information.

  • Make sure oxmysql is ensured before any BOII resources.


The utils developer library covers the majority of what is required by the core, since utils came before the core this made sense to help keep down the amount of bloat and or repeat code.


Download the utility library from one of our platforms:


  • Set your framework choice under config.frameworkto boii_core.

  • Set your UI choices under config.ui to boii_ui for all options.

Any other changes to the configs you wish to make can also be made. Note: The core uses utils systems; skills, licences, rep etc. Any additional options you would like to be a part of your framework build make sure to add them.


  • Add the boii_utils resource into your server resources.

  • Add ensure boii_utils into your server.cfg making sure it is placed before any resource using it as a dependency.


The framework is intended for our use to be entirely inhouse, because of this our UI elements resource will be used as the primary UI for the entire framework. You can change this if you like however this will not be replaced by default.


Download boii_ui from one of our platforms:


You can customise the default styles throughout the JavaScript classes if you like. These are all stored within the class constructor aside for the notifications.


  • Add the boii_ui resource into your server resources

  • Add ensure boii_ui into your server.cfg making sure it is placed before any resource using it as a dependency.


Currently everything in the framework uses our target system. Things may be adjusted to allow for other targets and or to allow for the use of no target in replace of draw text UI's down the line, however this is not something we want for our own server so this is not a priority.


Download boii_target from one of our platforms:


  • Customise client/config.lua to meet your requirements, you can disable the provided default actions here.

  • Customise html/css/root.css to edit the style of the target system


  • Add the boii_target resource into your server resources

  • Add ensure boii_target into your server.cfg making sure it is placed before any resource using it as a dependency.

Note: Make sure that boii_utils is ensured before target for target to function correctly.


To remove the need for a framework bound statuses system boii_statuses was created to provide a virtually standalone way of doing this. Because of this it is required in order for characters statuses to be managed.


Download boii_statuses from one of our platforms:


  • Customise the client/config.lua & server/config.lua to your specific liking.

  • If you add additional buffs, you also need to create your own events for handling these, you can find examples in the buffs.lua & debuffs.lua files.

Note: Out of the box statuses is currently pretty bare bones, this will be improved on and adapted as time progresses.


  • Add the boii_statuses resource into your server resources

  • Add ensure boii_statuses into your server.cfg making sure it is placed before any resource using it as a dependency.


Like statuses to remove the need for a shared item section boii_items was created as a standalone alternative to a fixed to framework item system.


Download boii_items from one of our platforms:


  • You can modify any of the existing items or create new ones in the the files found within server/items each has been placed into its own organised sub table.

Note: Additional items will be added as the framework progresses, right now it is more function over substance. Item setup may also be subject to change as the framework progresses, things may be added or removed.


  • Add the boii_items resource into your server resources

  • Add ensure boii_items into your server.cfg making sure it is placed before any resource using it as a dependency.

Core Installation

Once all of the dependencies have been installed you are ready to setup the framework core resource.


Download boii_core from one of our platforms:

  • -- coming soon

  • tebex link coming soon.


  • Customise the server/config.lua to your liking.

  • Customise default player data inside server/player/player_data.lua here you can set any default data to be applied to new players or adjusted for players rejoining.

  • If you want to edit any of the items in stores or store positions you can do this inside server/stores.lua. To edit the menu you can do this in client/stores/stores.lua.

  • If you want to edit any of banks you can do this within server/banking/banking.lua. To edit the bank menu you do this in client/banking/banking.lua.

  • If you want to add any additional commands you can add them into server/commands/commands.lua to keep them all in one location.

  • Any additional player object functions should be added into the create_player function inside server/player/player_object.lua.

  • You can make any additions or adjustments to the action menu within client/actionmenu/action_menu.lua.

  • Any adjustments you wish to make to the preset dialogue systems can be done within client/dialogues/dialogues.lua.

  • Modifications to preset safe zones can be done within client/zones/zones.lua.

  • Finally, if you wish to make any adjustments to the current menu based inventory you can do this within client/inventory/inventory.lua.

Note: All of this is optional of course, you can use the core entirely as it has been created and just await for additional things to be added, however if you want to make changes yourself the above information should at least point you in the right direction.

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