This is just a straight forward chat theme with a simple, sleek design. Chat system includes 11 pre defined chat commands from global chat, to private messages. Also includes a simple logging system to save and log all messages to json files periodically. Relatively easy to create additional chat, just copy paste what currently exists and change a little around. Resource is entirely open-source, feel free to edit to your hearts content.


  • Multiple pre-defined chat types: Various types of rp related chats have been setup for use out of the box.

  • Message logs: Simple logging system to save and log all messages to json files periodically.

  • Adaptable and Open Source: Easily adaptable for adding new chat types or modifying existing ones.

  • Multi-Framework Support: Compatible with various game server frameworks through use of boii_utils.

Chat Types

  • Global: Regular chat sent to all players.

  • Local: Local chat for players within scope.

  • Staff: Staff messages sent to all players.

  • Staff Only: Private staff only chat.

  • Advert: Advertisement messages.

  • Police: Police messages to all (optional to require on duty before sending).

  • EMS: Same as police except ems.

  • Warning: Warning messages can either be sent to all or can be directly pm'd to a specific player.

  • PM: Private messages player -> player.

  • Group: Uses boii_utils group system and group chat allows you to talk to only players within that group.

  • Trade: Trade chat messages sent to all players.


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