Just a straight forward player list resource.

This was created with the intention of filling the need for a player list within the boii framework however the player list is running through boii_utils to allow for multi framework compatibility. Player list includes tracking for total players, a section to allow for tracking specific job roles, and a nice clean player list to display players. The player list is running through boii_utils to allow for multi framework compatibility, you could modify this to be framework specific if you want.



  • Online Players Count: Displays the total number of players currently online.

  • Active Job Roles: Display to show the number of players online using a specific job, e.g. Police, Mechanics etc.

  • Player List: Display all current active players with their headshot, character name, role, job, ping, server id.


  • boii_utils -- For multiframework compatibility, you could modify and change if you wish to not use utils.


  • This has not yet been tested on additional frameworks, any issues with alternate frameworks let us know and it can be rectified.

  • Always ensure you are using the latest version of any dependancy to avoid compatibility issues.


Contributions are welcome! If you'd like to contribute to the development of the framework core, or any additional framework related resource created by BOII Development, please fork the repository and submit a pull request or contact through discord.



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