Items is still being developed this is currently and alpha release. As the boii framework progresses this will be added too.


A comprehensive, mostly standalone item management resource. This resource was created with the intention of filling the need for a shared item section within the BOII framework. However as this resource relies on our current boii_utils this can be used on any framework you require. The system includes a extensive item setup to allow for on use effects, from handling progress bars, modifying statuses, to applying buffs. Also included is an item drop system to allow players to drop synced item props for others to pick up. *(for inventories you will have to modify this yourself)*



  • In-depth Item Setup: Includes a in-depth setup for a variety of items.

  • Consumable Items: Pre-set to allow for using food and drink items to modify statuses.

  • Usable Weapons: System allows for usable weapons along with persistent ammo and attachment data.

  • Equipping Clothing: Includes setup for equipping clothing.

  • Item Drop System: Any item registered to be droppable can be dropped and a prop will be created persistent in the game world.


  • boii_statuses *(recommended but optional, only required for buffs / debuffs you could remove this or change for another buff / debuff system)*

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